API Co., Ltd.

Name API Co., Ltd.
Address 1-1 Kanohsakuradacho, Gifu-shi, Gifu 500-8558 Japan
Phone +81-58-271-3847
FAX +81-58-271-0183
URL API Co., Ltd. https://www.api3838.co.jp/en/index.html
UNIGEN Inc. http://www.unigen-bio.com/
Contact API Co., Ltd. Pharmaceutical Division D&P Departent

Our Strength

The API Group has 3 CMO manufacturing plants and a development facility. The group undertakes development, manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for  biopharmaceuticals/general pharmaceuticals, and formulation of pharmaceuticals from antibiotics to biopharmaceuticals on a contract basis. APIs of general pharmaceuticals are manufactured at the Honjo Plant.
The antibiotics formulation CMO business specializes in cephem and carbapenem antibiotics injections. The business holds powder filling and lyophilization lines, inspection/packaging lines, and QC laboratories in containment to meet various customer needs in a wide range of specialties.
The biopharmaceutical business holds a biological API manufacturing plant, equipped with large-scale bioreactors, adjacent to an injectable plant. Comprehensive contract services from process development, investigational drug manufacturing, to commercial-scale formulation of biopharmaceuticals are available along with the technologies of cell culture, purification, analyses, and characteristics analyses applicable to the next generation pharmaceuticals such as antibody and hormone drugs.

[API CDMO business]
Pharmaceutical Business Division D&P Department: Pharmaceutical product development , API procurement , MF In-country care taker
Mizuho Advanced Technology Center: R&D and analysis for biopharmaceuticals
Ikeda Pharmaceutical Plant : Production of injections (antibiotics)
Ikeda Biopharmaceutical Plant: Production of injections (biopharmaceuticals) , production of investigational drugs
Honjo Plant : General API production
UNIGEN Gifu Plant : API production ( biopharmaceuticals )