Name KOKANDO Co.,Ltd.
Address 2-9-1, Umezawacho, Toyama-shi,
Toyama 930-8580 JAPAN
Phone +81-76-424-2313
FAX +81-76-424-2554
URL English http://www.koukandou.co.jp/en/
Chiinese http://www.koukandou.co.jp/ch/
Contact Teruo Doi / Hirokazu Morikoshi
Pharmaceutical Division
E-mail: t.doi@koukandou.co.jp

Our Strength

Koukando’s history began when Han-Gon-Tan Yakusho of the ancient Toyama domain (a local government that supervised and controlled household medicine manufacturers and distributors) was abolished and the responsibilities were handed over to Toyama Koukando in 1876. For over 140 years, Koukando has been manufacturing products of primarily Japanese herbal ingredients and distributing the products as household medicines nationwide, investing efforts in the rigorous selection of raw materials for drug products and in modernizing the equipment of its laboratories and manufacturing plants.
Currently, the company has three plants in Toyama Prefecture and has its market shares for product distributions not only in Japan but also in several countries outside Japan.
Koukando undertakes a wide range of contract businesses including collaborative development, commercial production, and investigative product manufacturing.
The headquarter plant operates according to a dedicated plan for manufacturing and packaging bulk dosage forms of solid preparations, tablets, pills, granules, FC tablets, sugar-coated tablets, dry-coated tablets, double-layer tablets, and powder products. The plant has a manufacturing line capable of annually producing 3 billion tablets, their mainstay product. The plant was granted a certificate of EU-GMP compliance in 2006.
The Namerikawa plant is dedicated to the manufacture of the liquid dosage form with a production capacity of 1.3 million bottles perday and is currently proactively expanding its contract manufacturing business to include supplemental nutrition drinks. The plant also operates another line that is capable of manufacturing a 100 mL to 20 mL liquid dosage form for internal use.
The Kureha plant is dedicated to the solid preparation for internal medicine, employing a funnel flow bin system. The plant is capable of producing 2 billion tablets per year. The plant is currently introducing a manufacturing facility for granule and powder products. The existing plant complies with tripartite requirements (J-GMP, EU-GMP and C-GMP) and is driving global contract business development for the future.