Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd.

Name Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd.
Address 4-323 Senzo Itami Hyogo
Phone +81-72-778-7501
FAX +81-72-778-7506
Contact Corporate Planning Dept.

Our Strength

Nagase Medicals is a member of the SHIONOGI Group. As a development and manufacturing company of pharmaceutical products, we offer a wide range of functions from development through to manufacture of investigational and commercial products utilizing our core technology of sterile product manufacturing including highly potent injection such as anticancer drug. Specializing in the development and manufacture, we meet customer needs in a timely manner.
Teikoku Chemical, predecessor of Nagase Medicals, was established in 1938 and since then, we have more than 80 years of experience in the development and manufacture of sterile injection.
We now focus on the development and manufacture of highly potent injection mainly anticancer drug and we had built a manufacturing building capable of handling highly potent vial liquid injection in February 2013. In order to further strengthen manufacturing function, we had built another building capable of handling highly potent vial lyophilized injection in December 2017.
Centering on highly potent injection business, we will further strengthen the supply system and work on the stable supply of high-quality product.

・DDS:Liposomal formulation, LNP formulation , Micelle formulation etc.
・Highly potent injection:Liquid vial, Lyophilized vial
・General injection: Liquid vial、Liquid ampoule
・Liquid for internal and external use:Liquid bottle、Jelly(30mLtube)