Sannova Co.,Ltd.

Name Sannova Co.,Ltd.
Address 3028-2, Seradacho, Ota-shi,
Gumma, 370-0426, Japan
Phone +81-276-52-3611
FAX +81-276-52-3611
Contact Haruo Aoki, Production Engineering Department

Our Strength

Sannova produces wide variety of products such as Ethical Drug, Quasi Drug, OTC (over the counter,) as well as Food Additives and Investigational New Drug.
We can provide various Formulations such as tablets (sugar-coated tablets, film-coated tablets, molded tablets, etc.,) capsules, granule, powder, liquid and ointment (cream).
Furthermore, we develop products according to requirements of customers in addition to contract manufacturing.
In terms of drug development we accomplish wide range of development activities such as drug formulation design, analysis method development, clinical development, preparation of new drug application forms and apply and receive approvals which include response to the authorities.

Sannova as one of subsidiaries of Eisai Co., Ltd. has supplied products stably based on a high-grade quality assurance system and acquired the technical capabilities necessary for the development and manufacturing of new products for more than (50) years.
We have joined the Alfresa Group since April 2016. Based on accumulated experiences, we are making every effort to win trust from patients and customers as a Development-Oriented CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) through comprehensive strength of stable product supply, good quality, competitive cost, speed and technology.
Our employees are always thinking about “Contribution to the Patients” with the productions facilities, equipment, environments and systems compliant with PIC/S GMP and continually deliver good quality pharmaceutical medicines and services in a timely manner.

Contract Manufacturing Services
We can provide the wide range of Contract Manufacturing Services as follows:
・Contract Manufacturing of Drug and OTC
・Development Support Services, which include establishment of specifications and test methods for development products, drug formulation design, research for industrialization, stability testing for application purposes, manufacturing of Investigational New Drug preparation of documents related with application for approval, and etc.