Tatsumi Kagaku Co.,Ltd.

Name Tatsumi Kagaku Co.,Ltd.
Address 3-406,Hisayasu,Kanazawa,
Ishikawa 921-8164,JAPAN
Phone +81-76-247-1231
FAX +81-76-247-5739
URL http://www.tatsumi-kagaku.com/
Contact http://www.tatsumi-kagaku.com/english/profile.html

Our Strength

Production of Tatsumi Kagaku Co.Ltd. is conducted in the Matto Daiichi Factory located in Hakusan city, Ishikawa prefecture.
A plant for solid pharmaceutical preparation for internal use(called P plant)was newly established in December,2015 in order to intensify our productive capacity adapting to expansion of demand.
The new plant is the next generation plant complied with global trilateral GMP and PIC/S in both hard and soft perspectives. It opened a way for flexible and efficient manufacturing of any items and production volume from small lot of wide variety to large lot production.
We will produce pharmaceutical products with higher quality for the future with P and M plants at the core