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Greeting of the Japan CMO Association (JCMOA)

Development of New Outsourcing Business.
CMOs will play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry as it deals with significant changes and innovation.

Our Association was established in November 2010 with 18 member companies. Since then, membership has grown to 35 companies, and we have rolled out a number of dynamic activities centered on three committees: the Technology and Training Committee, Quality Committee, and Public Relations Committee.

Over the last few years, the pharmaceutical industry has been going through a period of change and innovation on an unprecedented scale. We are in a state of constant and rapid flux from healthcare cost-containment policies through innovation in new drug development, the handling of long-listed products, and the impending rise of generic drugs to eventually account for 80 percent of all prescriptions.

Innovator drug companies, generic drug makers, and OTC medicine manufacturers have begun steering their own courses.

Henceforth, more innovator drug companies will specialize in research and development, pharmaceutical information provision, and the marketing of new drugs, especially anticancer, biological, and antibody drugs, thereby downscaling and consolidating factories that require substantial investments and costs.

Generic drug manufacturers will become more cautious about capital investment in their factories because of drug price revisions and increases in development costs. We believe that the trend towards specialization will be accelerated across the entire pharmaceutical industry.

It is desirable that, at that time, CMOs that specialize in manufacturing pharmaceuticals (CDMOs) should play a role in taking on the responsibility for tasks ranging from development through manufacturing of formulations.

The role and strengths of CMOs (CDMOs) in the pharmaceutical industry are the wide range of technological capabilities, the ability to provide a stable supply, and the high quality of their products, which thus far have been fostered and accumulated through contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, thereby enabling us to focus on manufacturing pharmaceuticals and developing formulations. CMOs, therefore, are professionals in manufacturing. Making use of these strengths, and not restricting our vision to just the domestic market, we are looking at the possibility of expanding overseas in the near future.

With respect to pharmaceutical industry affairs, we would like to reach out to the government regarding shortening of the manufacturing transfer period and the standardization of the rules.

Our association aims to become a leader in the production of pharmaceuticals and the development of formulations. And, as a significant body within the pharmaceutical industry, we seek to contribute to the creation of a healthier society and the revitalization of the Japanese economy.

June 1, 2018

Shuichi Ando Chairman Japan CMO Association