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Greeting of the Japan CMO Association (JCMOA)

For stable supply of pharmaceutical products and enhancing global competitiveness of pharmaceutical production

Amendment of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in 2005 triggered development of CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) which enabled full scale outsourcing of pharmaceutical production. At the same time, pharmaceutical industry in Japan faced an era of selection and concentration, pharmaceutical companies focused its management resources to research and development of innovative drugs, especially bio and antibody drugs. Not only CMO undertook manufacturing, but became the pillar of stable supply and manufacturing technology in domestic pharmaceutical products, incorporating “D” as in Development and represent as ” CDMO”.

Based on such landscape, JCMOA was founded in November 2010 with 18 voluntary companies under principle of “Wholesome development of CMO industry will lead to stable supply of domestic pharmaceutical products and enhance global competitiveness of pharmaceutical manufacturing.”

Since then, based on committee activities of forefront member companies, we have been upgrading and promoting the industry level to be able to provide further satisfying service, such as human resource development, quality improvement, technical improvement, to our clients and for prosperous coexistence.

As a result, as of May 2024 member companies has expanded to 67 companies, regular members: 29, associate members: 2 and supporting members: 36. Regular members are companies which its business is mainly contract manufacturing, and supporting members are companies which provide technology and information such as manufacturing facilities, resources, engineering, ICT, etc. that are crucial to manufacture pharmaceutical products. Japan CMO Association has grown to be the foundation that members involved in different field of pharmaceutical production work together to realize the policy. The association has received many passion, efforts, and understanding along the way. My sincere gratitude to all your services.

Nowadays, under COVID-19 crisis and due to increase of international tension, establishing stable supply chain under any situation is critical national agenda, the role of CMO industry becoming more significant. Therefore, Japan CMO Association will further strengthen its activities to improve the industry.

Above all is to strengthen its foundation. We will furthermore enhance committee activities: technology/talent development committee, quality assurance committee, policy committee, and public relations committee, to provide higher satisfying service to clients that are core of the supply chain.

Subsequently, BCP to follow. Under COVID-19 crisis, our association has developed intense information network of “Infectious disease control measures” and “Measures of close contact person” that reflected measures of each member companies that enabled stable operation. We will continuously intensify communication and cooperation in case of emergency state.

Last of all, is to extend into unexploited field and technologies. We would like to organize platform that provides advance service, such as novel modality (for example, anticancer agents, vaccines, and antibody medicines), continuous production of solid formulation, and overseas expansion etc. However, it takes a lot of investment (man and machines) to organize the platform. Through collecting information from Japanese authorities, PBOA (Pharma & BioPharma Outsourcing Association) in US, one of our friendship association, and our clients, and also promoting workshops within our association, we will support member companies willing to join and create environment for companies advanced in those areas but not yet joined our CMO association.

Domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing is consisted of new drug manufacturer, generic drug manufacturer, OTC drug manufacturer, and CMO, each playing its role cooperating for stable supply. JCMOA takes part in development of pharmaceutical industry through prosperous coexistence of member companies and clients and also contributes to health and safety of the nation and vitalization of Japanese economy.

May, 2024

Tadao Takano Chairman Japan CMO Association