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Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)

1)Compliance with Laws, Regulations, or Other Rules
The Japan CMO Association (JCMOA) complies with all Japanese laws, regulations, and other rules regarding the protection of personal information.
2)Handling and Collection of Personal Information
Visitors are able to visit the JCMOA website without disclosing their personal information, and no personal information is collected from visitors when they are only looking at the information on the website pages. When the JCMOA collects personal information from members, the purpose of utilization shall be made clear and the consent of the member received in advance, and the scope of the information collected shall not go beyond that necessary for achieving the purpose of utilization.
3)Use of Personal Information
In using members’ personal information, the JCMOA shall use the information only within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of utilization, and usage shall not go beyond that necessary for achieving this purpose.
4)Ensuring Accuracy and Safe Management Measures
In order to keep members’ personal information accurate and up-to-date, the JCMOA implements appropriate measures, strictly controls members’ personal information, and implements safety measures and preventative measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage, etc.
5)Limitations on the Provision of Information to a Third Party
Except when required by law, the JCMOA shall not disclose a member’s personal information to a third party without the consent of said member.
6)Disclosure and Amendment of Personal Information
With regard to members’ personal information possessed by the JCMOA, in case a member requests that their personal information be confirmed or amended, this shall be carried out rationally and promptly within the scope necessary.
7)Links to Other Websites
The JCMOA website includes several links to other websites, but members’ personal information is not shared with these websites. Please be sure to read the privacy policy of the linked website with regard to the collection of personal information on that website. Furthermore, please note that the JCMOA will not be held responsible with regard to the information posted on linked websites.
8)Ongoing Review of the System for Handling Personal Information
In order to consistently maintain effective and appropriate operation of our organizational system for regulations regarding the handling of personal information and their implementation, the JCMOA undertakes ongoing review and revision of this system.

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