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If you're interested in more detailed information, please contact directly to each company through the contact information listed on each company's description page.

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Contract services available for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing (formulation and packaging)
Contact services available for manufacturing (formulation and packaging)
Contract services available for packaging only

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Category Ethical drugs OTC drugs Quasi-drugs Foods for specified health use (health food) Cosmetics Veterinary medicines Herbal/Chinese herbal products Tablets Uncoated tablet Film coated tablet Sugar coated tablet Orally disintegrating tablet Chewable tablet Double-layer tablet Triple-layer tablet Dry-coated tablet Tablets indicated for oral use Lozenge Sublingual tablet Buccal tablet Adherent Capsules Hard capsule Enteric capsule Liquid filled hard capsule Soft capsules Microcapsules Powders/Granules Powder Granule (fine granules) Dry syrup Liquid dosage form for internal use Liquid dosage form Emulsion Suspension Syrup Elixir Lemonade Nutritional supplement drink Controlled-release products Controlled gastric release type Controlled intestinal release (enteric) type Osmotic pump controlled-release type Matrix controlled-release type Membrane permeation controlled-release type Pulse controlled-release type Special drug products Oral film Oral gel Oral spray Effervescent product
《Regular members》
Adragos Pharma
Alfresa Pharma
Bankyo Pharmaceutical
Bushu Pharmaceuticals
Catalent Japan
Daiichi Yakuhin Kogyo
Daito Pharmaceutical
Dojin Iyaku-Kako
Fuji Capsule
Fuji Pharma
Fuji Seal
Iwaki Seiyaku Sakura Factory
Katsuyama Pharmaceuticals
Kyoto Pharmaceutical Industries
Nakakita Yakuhin
Nichi-Iko Gifu Plant
Qualitech Pharma
Sato Yakuhin Kogyo
TAIYO Pharma Tech
Tatsumi Kagaku
Teika Pharmaceutical
TOA Pharmaceuticals
《Associate members》