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Mission Statement of the Japan CMO Association (JCMOA)

The mission of the Japan CMO Association (JCMOA) is to appropriately foster and expand the Contract Manufacturing (CMO) business and together with pharmaceutical companies, contribute to the health of the people of Japan.
Here we declare our mission statement as the cornerstone of our activities.


We shall comply with relevant laws both inside and outside of Japan and the spirit of these laws, always acting with responsibility and with a high ethical and moral outlook.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

With a strong awareness that we are manufacturing pharmaceuticals that affect people’s lives and health, we shall contribute to the healthcare of the people of Japan through the manufacture of pharmaceutical products in accordance with GMP.

Social Responsibility

By providing a stable supply of high-quality pharmaceutical at appropriate prices, we shall fulfill our social responsibility to all stakeholders (patients, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, related organizations, etc.).

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

We shall scientifically explore the ideal state of the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing business and endeavor to create, establish, and expand this.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology

We shall endeavor to pass on to the next generation world-class Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturing technology and quality, accumulating and improving technology as well as training engineers.

Global Expansion

We shall research and expand the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing business from a global perspective, contributing to internationalization.