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To the clients who are considering contract outsourcing

JCMOA member companies are committed to satisfy the variety of needs and requests of the clients by providing the high quality of products and technology. JCMOA work as bridge between the companies who are considering the outsourcing and JCMOA members companies. If you're interested in any business opportunities with JCMOA members companies, please feel free to have a direct contact with them through the contact information listed on each page below.

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Usage and disclaimer

1. The purpose of this page

The Japan CMO Association (JCMOA) is committed to facilitating contracts for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and to improving the quality of service. This page has been set up as part of an effort on behalf of the association to bridge relationships between clients and member companies and to further activate the contract manufacturing businesses and related services.

2. Online information

  1. Company information (name of company, address, service features, etc.)
  2. Name of representative for contract manufacturing services
  3. Dosage forms available for contract manufacturing services
  4. CMO-related services available for contract manufacturing services
  5. Other relevant information

3. Disclaimer

Although this page is periodically updated by JCMOA, the accuracy of the company information is the member companies’ responsibility. Please note that JCMOA is immune from any responsibility for any trouble between contract service providers and outsourcing companies as a result of the use of this page.